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‘I’m alive’ pop promo – 5 alive

The music proved so popular on our 5 Alive commercial we re-released the track, had vinyl records made, made a pop promo and resurrected Don Fardon’s career.



the art of seduction



The Dutch equivalent of the IPA, the VEA, reached the grand old age of 90 and wanted to celebrate the fact. Tasked with both concept and design, we created an exhibition based around ‘The Art of Seduction’. Each room brought to life a different seduction technique used in advertising, beginning with a 15ft carrot on a stick above the entrance.

unofficial royal wedding plates


The KK Outlet (Kessels Kramer) asked me to come up with a Royal Wedding plate design which is more in-tune with today’s world, rather than looking back to the last century. For my design I took the hype of 3D.

The project was cover by the BBC, ITN, CNN, Russia 24, AP and 4 of the plates designs will be on sale in John Lewis and Asda.